Say “Bye” to Bumps: The Benefits of Hot Wax Beans vs. Razors

Why Painless Wax? Body hair removal is a well-known grooming habit popular among both men and women. Aside from plucking with tweezers or trimming with scissors, by far the most common body hair removal technique is to shave using razor blades. There have been plenty of advancements in razor developments over the years – for instance, electric razors, flexible razors, and multi-blade razors are all commonplace. However, despite these new features, nearly everyone who shaves isn’t exactly happy to do so. More often than not, if you ask someone who shaves whether they enjoy the habit, they’ll give a vague response like, “Oh, I like having hairless skin afterwards – but it’s time-consuming, annoying, and often leaves razor burn!”

Razor burn, or those small, stubborn bumps that arise from inflamed skin, is a common inflammatory response of the skin after being shaved too closely. Even if one doesn’t have particularly sensitive, allergy-prone, or tactile skin, shaving with razors almost always leaves the skin red and irritated. It’s virtually unthinkable not to lather on plenty of aftershave lotion or moisturizing creams to try and find some relief – all for the simple want of some smooth, hairless skin, which is rarely the actual result of shaving.

Still more dangerous than some irritated patches of skin is the fact that even the most experienced shavers often accidentally nick themselves. These cuts, usually small, can be easily mended with bandages and antiseptic ointment, but since they’re often exposed to the chemicals of the shaving cream; but since they are often shallow and broad, they tend to sting strongly and bleed profusely. Not to mention that young adolescents can easily hurt themselves if they aren’t experienced with using razors carefully.

That’s where our Painless wax beans come in. These wax beads or pellets can be easily heated and melted for smooth at-home application. The chamomile-infused formula is perfect for sensitive or average skin, due to the soothing and revitalizing properties of the essential oil. Painless Wax hot wax helps the skin to relax and open up the pores, unlike shaving, which exposes the entire surface breadth of the skin to the sharp edge of the razor. In fact, most razor burn is actually thought to be the result of dull blades, which have to have more pressure applied in order to remove hair, causing more irritation.

Painless Wax hot wax beans are such a popular alternative to shaving because it takes less time to do and gives much better results. Shaving requires an even, tailored application of the shaving cream, followed by a very careful shave with the razor. Hot wax application is quicker and easier, require only a few moments to cure, and can be pulled quickly off without fear of accidental cuts or bumps. There might be some slight redness, but this is temporary, and definitely nothing in comparison to the irritation of razor burn. Best of all, while one typically has to shave every few days to keep on top of the resulting stubble, waxing gives smooth skin for weeks at a time! And, since hair is tapered and razors makes the hair blunt, shaved hair can feel very coarse as it grows out, while the hair that grows back after waxing is softer.  

Another benefit of using hot wax beans instead of shaving is that it is more environmentally sustainable. Most wax products come in paper or cardboard packaging, which can be easily recycled, and Painless Wax Beans do not require any strips or cloths to be applied on top. Waxing requires no water, and while shaving can technically be done without water, it requires purchasing creams, gels, and other products, not all of which come in eco-friendly packaging. Furthermore, the razors themselves have to be discarded.

Still not convinced? Give Painless Wax Beans a try today and see the benefits for yourself!