How it Works

Painless waxing: we know – it sounds too good to be true! How can that be possible?

But we have just the thing for you. Whether you’ve been faithfully getting waxed for years or you’ve been too scared to try it but you still want that smooth, soft skin, you don’t need to deal with the pain anymore as much. Our product is the best alternative to waxing. Just follow these steps to find out how to work with these beans!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Apply Painless Wax Beans

  1. Before you begin waxing, it’s important that the area you plan to work with is clean and dry. Take a nice shower, using foaming body wash or a gentle exfoliate. Make sure the area is dry before you apply any of the wax. Do not apply any lotions beforehand.

    We hope this would go without saying, but it’s important that you do not wax after shaving, using depilatory creams, or any other hair removal methods! Your skin will be sensitive after those treatments, so wait at least three days afterward before waxing, if not more (depending on how intensive the procedure was or how sensitive the area is).

  2. Heat up your wax beans in any standard wax heater, wax melter, or similar device. The appropriate amount of beans to heat really depends on how much of your body you’re waxing and the size of each area. You’ll get the hang of eyeballing a number of beans per body area with practice, but to start out, just go slow, and add small amounts of beans to the heater to increase the amount as needed.

  3. Once you have the amount of wax you need and it’s warm enough to be spread around (but not completely liquid), take a wooden applicator, dip it into the heater, and scoop up some of the wax. Spread it on the area you wish you remove hair from – it doesn’t have to be perfect! Don’t apply it too thin, but keep in mind that an enormously thick layer will take longer to cool and harden.

    Pro tip: to make removal easier, apply an extra-thick amount to one of the ends to give you a “handle” to grip, which will allow you to remove the hardened wax more quickly and smoothly.

    Just slather it on, don't be scared!

  4. Once the wax is cool and has hardened, get a good grip on an end and quickly yank it off against the direction of hair growth. The key is to do this as fast as possible for painless results!

    You'll notice we didn't say anything about those terrible paper're welcome.

  5.  After you’re all done, apply a soothing balm or plain lotion to any sensitive areas.

  6. Strut your stuff! And when your friends asked how you got such smooth, hairless skin, refer them to our painless hard wax beans. We know it doesn’t sound fun, but if you don’t believe us, you can check out any of these testimonials or give it a try yourself.

Want to follow along with some fun-but-still-educational videos? Check out these two below so you don’t feel so alone!