Painless Wax Heater

This premium wax warmer by Painless Wax is a multi-purpose warmer suitable for all types of hair removal waxes, including canned wax, wax blocks, wax beads, and more. Compact, durable, and portable, you can enjoy professional-quality wax treatments from the privacy of your home or even while traveling.

The Painless Wax Heater unit features a temperature control knob and indicator. The warmer has a see-through cover so you can monitor to the progress of the heating while knowing the environment inside is not exposed to contaminants. We recommend setting to high heat for a quick warmup or total meltdown before dialing back to a medium temperature for the sake of consistency, but be sure to check the instructions of your particular wax brand for any restrictions. 

Use it with dilapidation wax for hair removal or paraffin wax to help keep your skin soft and smooth.

It takes around 30 minutes for wax to melt. Never touch the wax as it may be very hot and can cause burns! Always wear gloves and monitor your wax heater. We are not responsible for any damages resulting from improper use.

Notable features:

· 100 Watts of heating power

· Maximum temperature of 65° Celsius or 149° Fahrenheit

· Accommodates most sizes of wax containers

· Warms most types of wax formulas

· Temperature control knob

· Foam anti-slip, non-marring feet

· Removable liner suitable for loose wax, direct pouring, and easy cleanup

Attention: Please use caution when handling hot items. Never leave your wax warmer unattended while activated; if you need to leave the room temporarily, just turn it off. The machine (and the wax inside) will remain warm for a short while even after being turned off. Place your wax warmer on a heat-safe surface, and keep out of reach of children and pets. For optimal performance as well as hygienic purposes, be sure to clean your Painless Wax Warmer after each use. 


Also called: melting tin or melting pot

Type: Paraffin Heater
Size: 19.5 x 11.8 x 16.5cm
Voltage: 100W
Commodity Quality Certification: CE
Model Number: FULL SIZE
Plugs Type: EU Plug , UK Plug, US Plug, AU Plug
Item Type: Epilator
Volume: 500ml
Voltage: EU 200V / US 110V
Function: Hair removal

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