Pre & After Wax Treatment Spray


  • Pre Wax Treatment Spray Color: Green
  • After Wax Treatment Spray Color: Clear
  • Capacity: (Pre Wax Treatment Spray: 60ml), (After Wax Treatment Spray: 60ml)


  • 1 * 60ml Pre Wax Treatment Spray + 1 * 60ml After Wax Treatment Spray


- Pre Wax Treatment Spray:

  • Spray onto area to be waxed and then remove excess product with either cotton wool or dry tissue. (Designed to clean decorant, make up and body oils from the skin. Prior to waxing, this light antiseptic cleaning. Treatment spray is the ideal start to a waxing treatment.)

- After Wax Treatment Spray:

  • After waxing has been completed,apply the lotion liberally,gently massaging into treated area for a soothing and relaxing effect. (a superior blend of oils and moisturizing agents provide the perfect conclusion to a professional waxing treatment. Formulated to cool and moisturize the skin,after wax treatment contains lavender Oil which provides the added good of antiseptic qualities which will further reduce the chance of inflammation that can occur after waxing.)

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