Painless Aloe Vera Wax Beans

These mess-free, easy-to-use wax beads is made with chamomile together with Aloe Vera, which sooths and helps revitalize the skin. The beads, once melted, can remove unwanted hairs from any part of the body, such as the face, armpits, or legs, but it was designed with the sensitive bikini area in mind and is great for at-home Brazilian waxes.

Why are so many women buying this product? These wax beans completely eliminate the need to use strips or cloths. The wax hardens on its own and it can be pulled off smoothly in one easy stroke. You can do your own wax at home, without having to spend hundreds of dollars at a salon, not to mention worrying about transportation and gratuity.


Notable features:

Original formula

No strips, pre-wax oil, or additional steps required

Suitable for sensitive skin and all areas of the body

Can be easily heated in a wax heater or melter

Quantity: 100g per package


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