Painless Wax offers a complete range of depilatory products designed and manufactured by professionals and is considered one of the leaders in hair removal.  Our best-selling wax bean for 2018 was the Lavender Original Formula.  It contains a polymer blend that’s effective to be used all over the body yet specially formulated enough on sensitive skin.  All our waxes have a low melting point which equates to a very comfortable waxing session. 

With the popularity of stripless hard wax beans for hair removal, Painless Wax elastic hard waxes are considered the best for your hair removal needs.  It has been an instant social media sensation when it launched.  Our newest formula developed for 2019 is the Painless Strawberry Wax Beans.  These Wax Beans were developed to be ideal for waxing the smaller areas of the body including the eyebrows, underarms and for bikini waxing.  The Strawberry Wax Beans contain titanium dioxide which is an amazing ingredient that helps boost skin recovery immediately after a waxing. 

Painless Wax also offers a collection of other different flavored stripless wax beans including Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Black, Honey, Hot Chocolate and Yellow.  With more than 10 years of experience in the depilatory and cosmetic industry, we assure you the best level of quality and service.