Why Use Wax Beans? Comparing Different Hair Removal Techniques

Why Use Wax Beans? Comparing Different Hair Removal Techniques

August 02, 2017

It’s no wonder that painless hard wax beans are lady-tasted, BuzzFeed-approved. New, natural formulas make our wax beans the optimal choice for your hair removal. Easy to use and gentle on the skin, it’s clear to us that hard wax beans have no competitor, and we’re excited to help you learn about your different options and discover just how positively these little beans can change your life. Let’s take a look at a few of popular hair removal methods (note: we're not counting plucking with tweezers or trimming with scissors – we all deal with random those problem hairs, but that’s just not effective on larger areas of the body. We're also not including laser hair removal in this article since it's a much more expensive and permanent investment than these techniques).


The shaving industry continues as strong as ever, even with the rise of at-home wax products, because people are often too afraid to branch out and try different techniques. Shaving can be easily incorporated into your regular beauty routine and doesn’t take a lot of skill to do. However, it requires a steady hand, and even the most experienced razor users accidentally nick themselves on a regular basis, and have to deal with ingrown hairs and red, irritated skin. Applying a soothing balm or aftershave lotion is not optional here! If that’s not bad enough, shaving does a poor job of removing hair – at best, it cuts off hair at the surface of the skin. It does not penetrate down into the root, and, since hair naturally grows in a tapered shape and shaving cuts that point off into a blunt end, results in hair feeling coarse and stubbly as it grows back. Smooth skin generally doesn’t last longer than a day or two.

Hair Removal Creams

Depilatory creams give a longer, more natural result than shaving. These creams sink into the skin and remove the hair where it begins to emerge from the follicle, although it does not deeply penetrate into the follicle. This gives a few extra days of smooth skin, and as the hair grows back, it is softer and less coarse since it was not cut blunt with a razor. Unfortunately, hair removal creams are notorious for their foul smells and harsh chemicals. While technically safe to use on the skin, it is not advised to make a regular habit of using these creams, especially on easily-irritable skin or especially sensitive areas. Leaving the creams on the skin for even a minute longer than recommended can result in a painful tingling sensation. Additionally, most of the times these creams are not water-soluble, clinging to the spatula in stubborn chunks and leaving an odd residue on top of the skin that needs a thorough rinsing off. 


Waxing is the only hair removal method that completely removes hair at the root, guaranteeing weeks of smooth, hairless skin. Once the hair does start to grow back, it retains its natural tapered shape, and as a result grows in much softer and smoother. Best of all, waxing on a regular basis can “train” your hair not to grow back as thick, as your skin adapts to the waxing treatment.

There are two main types of wax: hard and soft. You can check out our more detailed post about the difference between hard and soft waxes if you’re super curious. But in general, soft wax is fast becoming a thing of the past, as nobody wants to deal with its sticky residue and those annoying strips. The thing that makes hard wax so magical is that as it cools, it “lifts” off of the skin and adheres to each individual hair, while soft wax clings to both the skin and the hair. This is what makes hard wax so much less painful than softer waxes.

Waxing is quickly becoming the most popular type of method, and it’s our personal belief that our painless hard wax beans are the ideal choice. It’s simple enough to do at home, at least on easy-to-reach areas like legs or arms. Many salons are quickly making the switch from soft wax to hard waxes. Why not follow their lead and pick one of our variety of scents and colors to try on yourself?