Review: How “Painless” Are Painless Wax Beans?

Review: How “Painless” Are Painless Wax Beans?

April 17, 2018

In recent months, hard wax beans have become something of a trend on the Internet. Women from all over have been experimenting with this new type of wax as opposed to the typical soft waxes that are more popular in salons. Followers of popular beauty guru and so-called “social media influencers” have been left wondering amongst themselves if hard wax beans are truly as painless as they are advertised. Anything that rips hair out of your skin has to be at least a little painful, right? We decided to put these hard wax beans to the test once and for all.



We picked up some black Painless Wax beans to test how truly painless they are. There are a variety of products, including beans infused with soothing aloe vera extract, but we went with plain black beans because we wanted to really see if the original products hold up the “painless” promise.


Painless Wax Beans Review:

The packet of black wax beans comes with 100 grams of beans per baggie. When melting all of the beans, we found that this was enough for both legs, both underarms, and the upper lip, while still leaving some of the wax leftover. If you’re interested in waxing your arms or other areas in addition to these ones, you should consider buying two or maybe even three bags of product, just in case.

Using the wax bean heater from Painless Wax, since branded products are usually designed to work best together (or at least that’s how it advertised), it only took about 15 minutes on medium heat for all of the beans to fully melt. The wax took on a thick, smooth consistency after melting, and had a slight but not unpleasant plastic odor.

We also bought a bag of the wooden spatulas from Painless Wax, which we dipped into the heater to scoop out the wax. Spreading a thin layer on the legs, we noticed that the wax dried very quickly but it was difficult to get a very even application on the first time. Painless Wax advises making one end of the spread wax a bit thicker than the other, to allow for a lip or tab that can be gripped to make the removal process easier. It definitely took a couple of tries to get that good grip.


After ripping off the wax, there was definitely some redness on the skin, but no bumps, itchiness, or irritation. The wax left no residue and does not tear or break apart, which was a huge plus! For instance, we noticed that if you weren’t quick enough while pulling off the wax, you can lose your grip. This might cause some hair breakage or weird stretching of the wax, but as we continued to apply more strips of wax and rip them off, it became easier in time. We are thrilled to report that the wax cleanly removed all of the hair, leaving that super-clean, smooth, flawless finish!

We were a bit more nervous for waxing our underarms, which are notoriously more sensitive and thinner than the legs. The smaller area made it easier to work with, but applying wax on your own underarms can be a kind of awkward experience, especially when applying with your non-dominant hand. We decided to do our underarms after spending time on our legs, which turned out to be a good idea in terms of  “techniques” such as spreading a close, even layer, and getting a “tab” to form on one end so it can be grabbed and ripped off. Again, the result was smooth and flawless, with none of that annoying stubble that comes with shaving. Many people can probably agree that we all learn how to shave our legs with practice, but the armpits are not as easy to work with, and it makes it difficult to get a very close, even shave.


But was it painless? You might know that hard wax advertises a “shrink-wrap” mechanism. Soft wax sticks directly to the skin and is generally applied in thinner layers. Soft wax also needs a strip of gauze or paper to rip the wax off. However, hard wax does not need any additional strips, and does not adhere to the skin at all. Rather, it only sticks directly to the body hair. This is what makes it so painless! You read that right - it’s a resounding overall yes. Of course, every person might have a different pain tolerance, and there definitely will be some sensation, but it’s not painful at all. The worst part is the anticipation, because you’re hyping up how badly it’s going to hurt in your mind. Just rip it off like a bandaid - it will hurt a lot less!


Closing thoughts. Again, we know each person might have a different experience with this kind of product, so be sure to carefully test out each product and form your own opinions! The wax is definitely painless, but learning how to use it efficiently can be difficult. This is because we’re not professional beauticians or estheticians - just regular people who want to remove extra body hair!


The underarms, upper lips, and legs are relatively easy areas of the body to reach, and we believe that waxing happy trails or forearms would not be too difficult either. However, waxing your whole arms, your back, your eyebrows, or your bikini area are probably going to require the assistance of either a trusted friend or perhaps even a salon professional (especially those last two areas). Waxing hard-to-reach areas might possibly cause some tearing or leave some residue, but we played it safe to avoid that problem. But overall, this hair removal method is pain-free, quick, and doesn’t leave a big mess.


Accessibility and cost. It’s very important to keep cost in mind. Removing body hair or going to salons is definitely a luxury experience, so you can expect to drop a fair amount of money. However, for those of us looking for some beauty on a budget, at-home waxing can definitely save money in the long term. For instance, a wax bean heater is a one-time purchase, and a bag of disposable wooden spatulas will last you a long time (especially if you use both sides of the spatula!). Plus, a bag of wax beans provides longer-lasting, smooth, and simply more hairless results than shaving does, which pretty much always results in bumps and stubble. Going to a salon for eyebrow shaping or bikini area waxing is much less expensive than getting a full-body wax that might include your arms, legs, underarms, and more.

We hope you enjoyed this review! Don’t forget to share your own experiences with painless hard wax beans!