Beans, Beans, the Magical Fruit: A New, Painless Way to Remove Body Hair at Home

Beans, Beans, the Magical Fruit: A New, Painless Way to Remove Body Hair at Home

August 02, 2017

As popular as body hair removal is, you might think that we’ve perfected a method by now. Everyone wants that flawless, hairless skin, and we go to great lengths to get close to it: we shell out our hard-earned money, deal with ingrown hairs and irritated skin, and spend hours (or at least it seems like) fighting with a variety of products and services just for some smooth skin. It seems a bit ridiculous. Luckily, there are hard wax beans to offer you a helping hand.

These painless wax beans are specially formulated with essential oils to work on all areas of the body and all skin types. Say goodbye to soft, sticky wax and those terrible paper strips. You won’t be cleaning up any wax residue or dealing with red, swollen skin after a strip wax session anymore. Hard wax is quickly overtaking soft wax in the esthetician industry, and these wax beans are just the next step up. Hard wax does not cling to the skin the same way soft wax does, so you won’t have to be worrying about pain and redness anymore!

All it takes is a wax heater to melt the desired amount of beans in until it’s warm and malleable. Take a spatula or other applicator, spread it on the area you want to be hairless, and wait a moment for it to cool. Once it’s hardened, just pull it off in one fluid motion against the direction of your hair growth, and you’re done!

Sound scary? Put a little extra wax on one end to give yourself a better grip. To save time, while you’re waiting for one patch of wax to cool down and harden, you can be mixing and applying on other areas. The key it is to rip them off fast – the longer you take, the less force you’re applying, which means the hair is being removed more slowly and less efficiently. Don’t be scared, just give it a try! 

We offer a variety of colors and scents for you to choose from, all at affordable costs. We also offer value packs of easy-to-use, disposable wooden spatulas, making the application easier than ever. You won’t have to break the bank heading to a luxury spa or salon, and you don’t need to deal with the cuts and bumps that come from shaving with a regular razor. By the way, did you know that hair is tapered? It grows naturally with a slight point at the end. That’s why it gets so coarse after shaving – the thinned end is just cut off like a tree trunk, leaving a wider, blunter end than before.

If you’re still thinking about depilatory creams or lotions such as Veet or Nair, we promise the wax beans are not only safer for your sensitive skin and intimate areas, but they smell much better and give results that last for three to four weeks instead of a couple of days. Wax beans remove hair from the root, while depilatory creams use harsh chemicals to remove the hair where it begins to emerge from the follicle, but not from within the follicle itself. True, these creams give better results than shaving, which only slice off hair at the surface of the skin, resulting in stubble less than a day later. 

If you’re too shy to try these beans yourself, we recommend looking up what salons in your area use hard waxes. Once you become comfortable with the sensation of waxing, the heat, and the removal, you’ll feel more ready to try it on easy areas such as your legs or arms.

Click here to check out out our favorite ladies from BuzzFeed giving hard wax beans a try! (Not convinced? BuzzFeed’s Yellow YouTube channel has changed its name to Boldly. We promise.) If you’re looking for a less painful, easier, cleaner alternative to soft wax or shaving, look no further than our wax beans.